Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Russian Navy to copy US model, Russian companies are best bribers and Kyrgystan tells the US to leave.

According to this Russia Today article the Russian Navy has decided to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier to form a 'Carrier Group' which would mirror the US Navy's model.
The only aircraft carrier currently in service with the Russian Navy, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is actually described as a 'Heavy Aircraft Carrying Missile Cruiser' by the Russians. Differentiating from Western carriers as she operates not only aircraft but surface to surface cruise missiles too and has the defences to sail without escort.
However, it is rumoured that Kuznetsov will have her missiles removed and carrier operations expanded during an over hall, scheduled for 2012. Which will of course, bring her role in line with American carriers.
The new Russian carrier is scheduled to be ready by 2023, by which time two carrier groups could be possible. This will of course have a bearing on Russia's position in the Pacific and Atlantic. But for comparison purposes only, the US currently operates 11 carrier groups.
Here is the current Russian carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov....

The new President-elect of Kyrgyzstan has ordered all military out of civilian airports serving the country's capital. This has been spoken of before but this time the Kyrgyz's seem to mean business. This means the US air base Manas will have to go. Currently the US pays millions of dollars for the privilege of having an airbase in Kyrgyzstan. However, in a move to secure better relations to form the new Eurasion Union, the Kyrgyz's are pushing America out. There have also been rumours that the Chinese have offered large sums of money to the Kyrgyz's to out the American's as they sit uncomfortably close to China.
The base was set up in 2001 to aid the war on terror in Afghanistan.
See the article from Russia Today here.

The BBC has run with this article today documenting the results of a survey conducted by the anti-corruption group - Transparency International.
The group polled 3,000 business executives on whether bribes were offered from companies operating in 28 different countries. The Netherlands and Switzerland came joint first (least amount of bribes offered), Russia came last, behind China and Mexico. Reputations are obviously gained for good reason.

Lastly, here is a new photo from FYRUPolitics. Make of it what you will......