Thursday, 20 October 2011

The tired Typhoon takes a turn for the worse.

"Onche more, we play our dangeroush game, a game of chesshh againshnt our old advershary - The American Navy."

Marko Ramius aka Sean Connery in The Hunt for Red October. A great, great movie.

As I'm sure you know, Ramius was a Commander of a Typhoon Class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, or boomer, or SSBN. Not just an ordinary Typhoon but one with a 'Caterpillar drive'. An almost silent propulsion system that would be almost undetectable to the US' Sonar nets and any would be hunter-killer subs. This part was of course just make believe (I guess, of course I don't know for certain ;)). But the Typhoon class submarine was and is very real. The biggest ever made and became one of the Soviet's greatest first strike tools. As seen here...

Now though, it looks like the Typhoon is dying a death. The new START treaty ratified last year by the Americans and Russians means that both sides are limited to 1550 nuclear warheads a piece, in deployment. Although that is an approximate figure.

Six Typhoons were built and three remain in service now. Combined they have the ability to carry 600 warheads, 200 a piece. That is too many for an ageing beast. The Russians want to deploy their warhead allowance on more modern launch vehicles instead of spending to upgrade an oversized relic. One example of their modern launch vehicles is the Borei Class SSBN which will role out soon. Smaller? Not by much! Have a look..

So nuclear armament is going strong in the Russian Republic, they are making sure they get the best out of their quota.....why is that then? Hmm...

Have a look at this article. Yes it is from RT again...Read the first line very carefully.

Dead October

And lastly, if you want to relive Ramius pinging his pinger, then click here. One Click Only